Workforce Learning Ecosystems for Advanced Manufacturing

March 29, 2024

By 2028, manufacturing in the United States is predicted to have a shortage of 2.4 million workers. Surprisingly, according to Deloitte, the shortage will be caused in large part by technologies associated with advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Rather than shrinking workforces, such technologies are expected to spark new job growth. Moreover, new job growth will be in positions requiring skilled employees. Anticipating these changes, stakeholders in manufacturing across the U.S. have been looking for methods to build better workforce learning ecosystems for advanced manufacturing.

Workforce learning ecosystems, or WLEs, are complex systems that provide training and education relevant for work. WLEs include not only schools, but other stakeholders as well—such as employers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and learners. All of these stakeholders either provide or influence training and education.

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Workforce Learning Ecosystems for Advanced Manufacturing

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