Annual Letter

Letter from the Founder

Welcome to the Global Opportunity Forum.  We are a community of organizations – companies, non-profits, educators, policymakers – that are helping people to take charge of their career development. GOF collaborators are dedicated to providing workers with the skills, opportunities, and solutions to succeed in a rapidly-changing economy.

Building on our terrific launch event in June, we are working diligently to grow our community and its impact. This month we are launching a podcast series, planning our first events outside of the US and meeting with a growing list of organizations that believe in what we are doing. Soon we’ll be able to tell you about the new working groups we’re forming around key workforce learning challenges, plus some exciting new research projects that are getting underway.

If you would like to learn more about what we’re doing, or help in some of our efforts, please contact us at

George Westerman

Founder, Global Opportunity Forum