Community college’s role in building apprenticeships

January 9, 2023


Apprenticeships can offer unique opportunities to both students and employers. Many students entering the workforce are looking for “learn and earn” options — hands-on, paid job training that complements their classroom education. Apprenticeships can lead to both industry credentials as well as community college credits, and a good-paying apprenticeship allows student workers to obtain college credits without the burden of debt. They are an attractive package for students: useful career skills, good pay, and valuable college credit.

Apprenticeships can also assist employers. Companies currently face a significant gap in obtaining the workforce with the skills they need. The manufacturing sector is expected to require two to four million new workers in the coming decade. The entry of advanced manufacturing – digital production, additive manufacturing, robotics, advanced materials, etc. – will require new sets of skills and a significantly better-trained workforce. What’s true for manufacturing is true in many other sectors as well. Apprenticeships offer an important way for employers to obtain that upskilled workforce.


George Westerman, Senior Lecturer, Sloan School of Management, William Bonvillian, Office of Open Learning, Steve Nelson, Program Manager, Office of Open Learning

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